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Braided Dimensions
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Elf Stone of the Neyna
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Strange Alliances


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Writers Corner

Topic: Cuts

Here's kind of a funny topic. Or I think it is. Often I see the suggestion of offering cuts to my readers as a special give-away. I see authors list what they've cut from their novels as an enticement they'll include on their blog or newsletter. What I always think is "why?" We cut what's not needed. I often wish writers like Stephen King and Ray Bradbury would cut more. Then again, maybe some writers cut juicy parts they didn't dare share. Is that what draws readers? Go here to share comments on the Newsletter archive page!
out of this world

Out of This World

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Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Space Opera, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Urban Fantasy
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Touch of Magic

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Epic Fantasy

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Science fiction extravaganza

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April Showers of Fantasy

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Fae Reads for Earth Day 2022

Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Urban Fantasy, and Young Adult / Paranormal
This promotion runs through April 30, 2022.
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From Marie Judson's blog:


Gramma's Hi-Jinx

I got new shelving for the garage this week, which meant going through more boxes from closing out my storage last summer, a few months after my move here to the coast. My storage contained a lot of what was emptied from my parents' home when we sold it. Today I came across my grandmother's scrapbook from college, among other …

How do you celebrate when you finish your book?

I haven't been a big one for celebrating finished books. People have launch parties. An author friend of mine held one on Zoom with storytelling—the kind that emerges in the moment even if it's been planned and practiced. I guess I see the launch party as somewhat useless since one reaches very few people compared to well-planned social media. It's …

Now they'll be heard

On the winding roadof lifeMy pride flailsShoots up and down and aroundSee-sawsNow I feel goodNow I wonderWas I good enough today? Did I follow my conscience?Indulge my vision?Is my job to conform? or to bring a unique thing about? Vision – the work of artThe art of workI want to benefit others Can we be loyal to the children and …

Learning Curves

I'm a person who loves learning curves, the kind that engage me, that lead me on, that present the next mystery. I have a couple of learning curves happening lately. One is with work. Having promised to teach social emotional groups, I was intimidated by the idea because i was on my own with the project and it seemed a …

If you were to write a spin-off about a side character, which would you pick?

I gave this a bit of thought. When I consider favorite characters that I love including in a scene, one of them is Boldo. He's a magical medieval Wanderer. He shows up in modern time, near Kay's work, all ease and charm, bringing her enchanted yarns. He, of anyone in the story, intrinsically knows her value. And in the end, …

Regency Fantasy

Okay, some are going to laugh but I had no idea there's something called regency fantasy. So this genre is set in a regency-era fantasy world. I had to do some research. The Regency era in England, approximately 1795 and 1837, toward the end of the Georgian period and is characterised by distinctive trends in architecture, literature, fashions, politics, and culture. How do writers fit …

All Things Medieval

My latest post may have given the feeling that I don't love developing medieval scenes or having elements of a bygone world in my stories. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Some of my favorite elements in fantasy include healers, minstrels, Wanderers, craft guilds of every sort, apothecaries. In my fantasy series, Braided Dimensions, I have magical stitchery and …

Epic Fantasy Characters: What does it mean?

I had great fun this past week talking with fantasy authors about meanings of the phrase "epic fantasy characters." I contacted 25 writers. All took part in a newsletter promotion called "Epic fantasy characters." I asked, "In your mind, what makes epic fantasy characters?" I really wanted to know what is in writers' minds in this regard. Two wrote that …

High or Epic Fantasy

Fantasy stories are deemed "high" or "epic" if they have epic settings, characters, themes or plots. What makes a setting epic? High fantasy is set in an alternative or fictional world with its own rules. Well, most sci fi and fantasy is. I came across the word extraordinary to describe the main character or hero of epic fantasy. An extraordinary …

What characterizes urban fantasy?

Does it just mean it takes place in a city? I don't think so. Is it gritty? Dark fae? Typically futuristic dystopian? Urban fantasy incorporates magic—wizardry, the supernatural—in modern or future urban settings. In some plots, everyone in that world is aware of magic. At other times, only some know of it. Hence the name fantasy even if it is …
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