Fantasy Fiction

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The next slip into medieval time might be Kay’s last.

Professor Kaye Halfin is on her way home from a Halloween party when a caped bard steps from an oak tree and leads her away from the university that shunned her to medieval time. After dancing the magical night away only, she wakes in her own bed, determined to find her way back to that world.

But returning to the past isn’t such a great idea. Pulled back and forth between the past and her 21st century, Kay becomes embroiled with the troubles of the bard and a healer of the 10th century, who are tormented by a powerful mage. Things soon take a turn for the worse when the same forces begin to draw in her children.

Each time Kay slips into the past, the return threatens to obliterate her…if the memory-stealing mage doesn’t destroy her first.

If you liked Mercedes Lackey’s Bardic Voices, Charles de Lint’s Newford Stories, and the Outlander Series, you’ll love Braided Dimensions.

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