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Book 1, Braided Dimensions, is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets.

Quick plot summary:

In an epic tale of multi-dimensional mystery, fantasy, and romance, Kay Halefin begins as an erudite ancient language professor whose research is too controversial for her to remain at the university. One Halloween night, she encounters a bard of Medieval time who steps from an old oak tree and invites her into the past. Little does she know she is stepping into a vast web of intrigue woven by both powerful healers and malevolent mages. Kay is hopelessly fascinated with the discovery that mind-powers, stitchery, and runes held wyld magicks in medieval time. She’d better learn to harness the powers for herself if she wants to survive and protect her grown son and daughter from the tightening web that’s subsuming her life.

Book 2 is just out! Amazon, Barnes & Noble… 

Quick plot summary:

Kay has been drawn into a vortex of intrigue in the ancient world, of magic-wielding Wanderers, mesmerizing sylphs, powerful Nordic shamans, crafty mages. And now she cannot deny that her children are involved. Her son is channeling stories of abductions by threatening pirates. Her daughter’s mysterious lover sounds uncannily like a tenth-century Welsh musician. She tries to pull away from the medieval world but finds herself increasingly enamored with her spirit-travel. Is she the only one who can rescue her friends, who can tread in ancient caverns undetected to mind-meld with marauding ancient Jutlanders? If she takes the next journey to the past, will she ever see her children again?

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