About this site:

This is an eclectic site which features my interest areas. The home page, at this time, displays the books I’ve written and published as an independent writer/publisher. My blog is the most active part. I blog about writing but other topics include fantasy fiction, dreams, the natural world and education. I may touch on aspects of community and culture as inspired. These themes are woven into my fiction (for example, community gardens).

Marie Judson

I am an amalgam, as are we all. I have a great deal of graduate education. I do love to learn. I actually didn’t know if I’d ever go on to get a graduate degree, much less to nearly complete a Ph.D. Now I have three MAs. Each degree has been its own journey and I would not dispense with any. 
I put myself through my first undergraduate degree from UCLA in Linguistics. As you’ll know if you’ve read my fiction series, Braided Dimensions, I’m passionate about languages. There is a certain magic to creating a bridge to someone merely by sharing a language. Writing systems have fascinated me since childhood, as do symbols in general. 
San Francisco State’s Ed Tech MA program was an opening into a different kind of magical power: designing multimedia. The degree led to work I loved in Berkeley schools. I found it profoundly satisfying conceiving projects, helping segue teachers into new skills, at times enlivening and expanding their horizons. I hope to convert some of their projects to show at this site someday. They’re saved on some very old tech storage systems!
rusong.picWhen the tech grants ended, I pursued a Ph.D. program in Communication Studies, thinking I would design and direct exciting programs in schools. The doctoral endeavor took many unexpected turns. At the start, I expanded intellectually. Then I dove into a study in large urban San Diego high schools with 300 students. As I struggled to write the dissertation, I found myself alone as far as faculty. No one quite wanted my project. Reaching deeply for the genius to write an amazing dissertation that would bring change to modern schools and being sent in circles by advisers, I discovered the large body of literature on the psychology of writing. This brought me back to my interest in depth psychology: inner work, Jungian dream study, etc…

Current Work and Life

Life has its ways of circling around. I still work in education, but I teach in public schools, in Special Education. I love being involved, in service to others, balancing the creative with the real edge of people’s lives.