Female Alchemist

fem alchemistFor my Masters in Depth Psychology, I produced a 40-page article called “The Alchemical Coniunctio of Individuation: Inner Change during a Ph.D. Program As Seen Through Dreams.”

Jung developed a way of using alchemical processes to describe our inner processes of transformation. Coniunctio is when the conscious mind connects with the deep Self. The Self, in Jungian terms, is a kernel we begin life with, which is always working toward wholeness, throughout our lives; the part of our psyche that provides dream content.

The article explores what was going on psychically for me during my Ph.D. program through powerful dreams I had. I share collages such as this one which was a truly haunting dream, but also powerful in a numinous way. Our dreaming Self amazes me. (Note the demons in the upper right corner.) When collaging dreams, I have to form a picture in my mind of what images will express the dream. Sometimes I have to find an image for a feeling. In this case, there were unknown, unseen forces “making” me stitch “balls of human”-stitching the essence of human life into dead skin. If you don’t believe that dreams are symbolic, my article might convince you. *grin*

If you are interested in reading the article, please write to me at mariejudson@gmail.com or message me at Marie Judson, Writer on Facebook.

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