My Writing Space

This is my writing space. I live in a small cottage. The perk is it’s out in the countryside, pastoral land an hour’s drive north of San Francisco. I look out at fields and trees, with hills in the distance. It’s quiet here most days. I also Zoom from this spot for teaching and meetings.

Could the situation be improved? Oh, yes. I’m sure it’s not an ergonomically correct set up. Ideally, I’d have a room I could go into and shut the door, with book shelves at my fingertips, maybe with a sliding door giving onto a beach on a remote Hawaiian island. Of course, that would tempt me away from writing! I wrote much of my first book after walks to the beach on the Northern California coast, about three and a half hours north of where I am now. But in fact, ideas come to me easily, without beaches within walking distance. (That’s the topic of my next post!) I should mention that some writing happens in my head when I’m nowhere near my writing space.

Tell me where you like to write.

2 thoughts on “My Writing Space

  1. I have what I call my “creative space” in the office I share with my husband. We have a large solid wood two-sided desk that we share as our working space. This is all set up in the third bedroom, however, so if we are lucky enough to have a second child we will need to think up a new solution!

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