If a genie granted me three writing-related wishes…

Will Smith

Okay, this is full-on wishing, no holds barred, no need to consider teaching work responsibilities. Time and money are no barrier.

Wish #1: I have infinite time and resources to stay in Europe and the UK, going everywhere that’s on my ancestry tree, seeing the places my ancestors lived, particularly researching places involved in my dad’s direct lineage: Washington, the South, Northern Ireland and more.

Wish #2: Attending workshops, conferences, retreats, classes, whatever, on writing historical fiction, in order to cross my ease with writing adventurous fantasy with historical fiction to write a profoundly moving family saga going back about six generations (including murder and suicide).

Wish #3: (the biggie) While all of the above is going on, I’d be working on a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology which would support the weaving of concepts regarding intergenerational transmission of trauma in a scintillating and understated way into the family saga (Wish #2).

Not typical genie wishes! Growing up, I didn’t even know who my dad’s family was. I’ve never met a single one of his relatives. That might explain my fascination with the hidden parts of who I am. Think I can do it, genie or no? Maybe retirement will be my genie.

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