Three writers who inspire me

Rather than just name three writers, I want to go a little further and describe one writer in each of three categories I read the most: fiction, depth psychology (Jungian authors), and political books.

Though fantasy and fantasy sci fi are my go-to genre’s I do read literary fiction and well-written mysteries. For general fiction, I appreciate flare, edginess and clever wording as well as compelling characters. One author who comes to mind for this is Gillian Flynn. Of her three novels, I loved Sharp Objects and Dark Places best. Most people know her for Gone Girl. Generally, what is acceptable to the broad public is not what draws me. But cheers to her for getting recognition (film and TV). I’m watching for her next book. It can be hard to capture again what people have loved in first books.

For depth books (on dreaming and the unconscious), I read the physical books so I can pencil in thoughts and mark passages to return to. I have many favorites. One is Edward Edinger’s Anatomy of the Pysche. I’m enthralled with the concept of alchemy as metaphor for the changes moving through our psyche, mostly as they might arise in dreams: calcinatio (fire), solutio (water), mortificatio (death, endings, change), etc… I work a lot with dreams. My belief is that dreams can be seen as communication from the deep self; we can glimpse how the deep self is processing thoughts and emotions by trying to understand the symbols.

Lastly, I read author/journalists like Naomi Klein, Jon Pilger and Jane Mayer to understand what is going on in the world from a holistic and behind-the-scenes perspective. Much that’s important for us to know is not in mainstream news. Naomi Klein has done an amazing job of synthesizing information about big money and the environment, and how certain systematic approaches to control of countries and resources are occurring.

It’s interesting for me to pause and consider what makes up the bulk of my reading. I hope it’s interesting for you, too.

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