Shoe dreams

I recently posted about my frequent shoe dreams. Since, I discovered a new possible way of interpreting them: some misplaced part of soul (vital energy, identity) (Robert Moss, Australian dream work specialist), based on the echo between “sole” and “soul.” Moss invites the dreamer to also consider “ties” and “straps.” I’ve always wondered why, in certain situations, I dream about sandals. This is not uncommon!

It turns out sandals in dreams are important to others as well. There is an angel of shoes, especially sandals, Sandalphon, important to certain mystery schools in regard to astral travel. Mercury/Hermes also comes to mind, with those winged sandals. Thought, messages, communication.

At the end of a recent dream, I’m looking for my shoes as I’m leaving a gathering. In a back hallway, I find my newish turquoise-and-black-checkered high tops propped against a wall, but can’t find my sandals. A woman says she knows what they look like, she’s seen me wear them a lot. “Not appropriate for this climate,” she says with disapproval. I say, “That’s true, I don’t always get around to obtaining what I need.”

Moss offers that shoes in a dream may be a clue to connections within a soul family that includes personalities at different times. This resonates for me in regard to my dream: my daughter has turquoise-and-black-checkered high tops. I like the idea that our personality changes, grows, expands, represented by different shoes in dreams.

Archangel Sandalphon

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