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Collage of medieval times

What would a Braided Dimensions party look like? I ask myself. There are some very fun role play possibilities for this fantasy series.

First off, characters and dress. There are many fun roles: healers young and old, the Bard of Ainesley, and various minor parts of medieval time; the luthier; the minstrel son. There’s a very old and powerful magic-worker, Aelfwyn. Also medieval Wanderers: clan leader Mora, the talented sister and brother, Talaith (amulet maker) and Boldo (a fine craftsman). There be pirates (Welsh Wanderer, Otho, with the dramatically scarred face. Wizards: Galfride; the Saxon necromancer Ansgor; Jutland mage Thorgisl. And the beautiful Gwynedd who can embroider a different reality. Last but not least, Norwegian shamaness Ylva with her red capes and conical hat.

Jaskier, by BlazeCK-PL, at DeviantArt.

Secondly, the food. There are many dishes mentioned in my novels. They include potato-leek pasties or pie, mead, winter veggie bake with onion, parsnips, and sweet potatoes. Cornish cakes. You could expand with other medieval fare!

Activities: play ancient instrumental music, or traditional Celtic. Role play living in a Wanderer camp, on a medieval ship, or in Kyna’s tower, about to circle and work a spell. You have magical powers—which do you have and how will you use them: mind-speak, mind-reading, teleporting, disappearing, changing objects, drawing on a brand to constellate powers; 3) Like Gwynedd, you can stitch any story and make it happen – what would it be?

Finally, the setting. How might you depict the inside of a daub-&-wattle hut? Hanging herbs. Candle light. Or go all out and paint stone or other ancient surfaces on board or butcher paper. Same for the tower. For a Wanderer camp, trees, large depictions of caravans. Or kit the room out as the interior of one! There are also castle scenes, the Winter Faire, Galfride’s caverns in the French Alpes.

If you set up such a party, please send photos! I’d love to see what you come up with!

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