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A while back, I blogged about my tiny writing space. I worked in my kitchen, at a small square table covered in inset tile. Through Covid and distance teaching, I Zoomed and also wrote, perched next to that table, another chair propping my feet. it was a small kitchen so I couldn’t fit any bookshelves near me. I think I may have written a post about my ideal one as well. Little did I know that within a half-year, I’d have a long sunroom as my work space that I love for so many reasons.

I’ve talked about the hummingbirds in the bottlebrush outside my window. And the sea view. But what is space itself? What does it mean to be able to spread out into any project? What does it mean to our entire psyche and sense of potential creativity?

For many years, I’ve made myself be contented with a miniscule living space. My new place is by no means elegant. Far from it. But it has scope. Even the rough would flooring of the enclosed deck that is my new work space allows me scope. I don’t care for a polished work space, preferring rugged, with open edges, unrefined, waiting for its direction.

On either side of my sunroom, down steps, are other enclosed spaces, a converted garage and what I call the atrium. Both are in flux and I’ll post photos as they develop.

In three days, I’ll have lived here a month and my conclusion is that being here gives me an entirely different sense of possibility. I can now acknowledge how often I’d go over in my mind a writing space with bookshelves near me, and a table to spread projects on. I hadn’t even asked for a distant vista to gaze out at.

I’m glad that I can write fantasy anywhere. Truthfully, I seem to like to expand and contract in my spaces. This is an expansion time.

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