Rescuing (Nearly) Lost Things

One aspect of this traumatically difficult move (at least it felt trauma-inducing at times) was finding a number of old video tapes from my kids’ childhood. There were three different sizes from various video cameras we had over the years.

After the move, I received the flash drive with the converted/digitized video footage. I put it in the paper pile, wanting both my kids here with me to watch it for the first time. Today my son came up – made the long winding drive to see me. This was a surprise, somewhat timed with his birthday. We’re watching videos of their childhood that we haven’t seen since they were small, many of them. It’s bliss.

A few of the VHS tapes got compromised from damp weather on the Northern California coast. Advice: keep them in their cases! We only lost maybe three full VHS tapes out of sixteen, so far.

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