Productive Worry

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I have a sleepless, hour-of-the-wolf night, first it sinks to my belly as a load of shame-spiral. Even if shame is misplaced, full of projections and assumptions that may not be true, there’s probably a kernel of truth, something the psyche wants us to attend to.

A good thing to try for is acceptance, though in the wee a.m. hours we don’t tend toward it. To look with curiosity and try to diminish the triggering feelings.

it might take a couple of days to settle, breathe, do whatever mindful practices we do. I tend to think about sending carbon dioxide to the trees, then thanking them for the oxygen they provide as I breathe in as a middle-of-the-night exercise.

I had a couple of these types of nights the past weekend. Friday night I worried a lot about work. By today, four days later, I put some intentions into practice – the practical side of reflections. especially what comes over time, with a few nights’ sleep. I had conversations today that confirmed that my negative assumptions had not been true. Communication! The only way to resolve baseless thoughts.

I read something this morning about belonging and it seemed to tie in with these ideas. We prevent ourselves from belonging through negative assumptions. What happens if we assume the best about people’s opinions? Much more potential for allowing belonging to develop.

But, in my experience, we shouldn’t ignore the soul’s messages that lead to hours of the wolf. There’s usually something that needs fixing: by observing, listening, considering our patterns and whether they take into account others’ well-being … So doing, I think we can come into a more right balance with our environment, establish a rewarding sense of belonging, and so on. If you have thoughts, please do comment!

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