Coming in the Fall

Okay, continuing my love affair with Pt Arena buildings, I heard recently that this very cool one is going to be a microbrewery pub, with the intriguing name, “The New Museum.” I’ve been searching for the story of the name, etc… but haven’t found anything online. I did hear that the parents, owners of Cafe Beaujolais in Mendocino, are financing it.

The only pub I’ve ever gotten to know and love was called Piacci’s, in Ft. Bragg, CA. It got packed, and loud, but the noise was of people talking and shouting and laughing, not the noise of a sports bar. Though always crowded, It was filled with warmth and smelled of yeasty, garlicky pizza baking. They had beers from all over (my favorite was Kiltlifter, on tap). I went with friends after work, which was right across the street. It would be great for Pt. Arena to have such a place, though I’m not sure how soon we could enjoy it fully, with the pandemic. It does have a nice outside area already.

So I’m wondering, what months are called Fall? Our summer used to be June, July and August. That made Fall September, October and November. The owner, Peter McDowell, responded to my email inquiring about opening, that they’re waiting for approval from the county and might open in November or December. But is December winter? December January, February, leaving March April, and May as Spring? If you have an opinion, please leave a comment!

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