Ode to Buttercup

I sold my VW Beetle this weekend. I had her ten years. Turbodiesel, stick shift. Great car. It’s partly opening the way for going all electric, along with other reasons, like the fact that neither of my kids drive a standard transmission. But it’s poignant, seeing your car drive away from you, probably seeing it for the last time.

Here’s Buttercup in the country setting where I used to live, in Graton, CA, daughter catching sun, cat nearby.

And below, Graton sunset reflected on Buttercup’s windows.

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2 thoughts on “Ode to Buttercup

  1. I felt that way when I watched Sputnik drive away in May. I had that car before Emerson was born (got him in 2004, when I came back from Ethiopia). They are part of our lives and contain so many memories. But good for you for going electric!

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