I love our local library

Pt. Arena is a quintessential town, a real town with a down town, with historic buildings and a sense of identify. The library only adds to it.

The head librarian recognizes me and has made me feel special from the first moment I started frequenting the place. She put my books in the local section and whenever I come in, she says, “Marie Judson, our author!”

Unfortunately, she’s leaving in January.

The library is in one of the revived older buildings of town and has kept antiquated fixtures. There’s a vintage wood burning stove at the back, a classic feature.

The librarian told me the library used to be in the tiny building across the street where my tiny bank is now. Friends of the Library bought and renovated the historic mercantile building it’s in now. Hard to imagine how different it had to have been in the minuscule bank building.

I love that about a small town; integral entities like the library and the single, small bank have their unique place and are valued. There aren’t dozens of everything, like in a larger metropolis. I feel that way as a school employee here—not easily replaceable. I wish everyone everywhere could feel that way because I think it’s part of the malaise we are experiencing in modern times. A common sense of disposability.

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