Talking to Readers

Recently I posted about Anchor Bay campground and how Highway 1 loops around it in a horseshoe. Last night, I went to a house on a road that takes off from the base of that horseshoe. The home I visited was on a steep slope, the windows and balcony looking into redwoods, like a tree house.

The woman I visited is reading my book, Braided Dimensions. As we stood on her balcony breathing in the fresh smell of forest and sea, she told me how much she’s enjoying the book. She said, “I have so many questions but I’ll just ask one.”

In the pause, I tried to image what questions she she might ask. She pointed out, arm sweeping toward the small two-lane highway that winds along the coast near by. “You mention Highway 1 in the book. Were you living around here when you wrote it?” There was excitement in her eyes. It’s deeply rewarding to feel you’ve engendered that with your story, that a reader of your work is loving knowing that scenes in the book are places familiar to her.

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