I stumbled on this series which is not my typical choice. Well, sci fi is, but I don’t often choose an American series unless it’s Lucifer or Angel. Occasionally one like Pretty Little Liars draws me. The “girl” moniker, and stereotypically genderized outfit, could easily have driven me away. I mean, they don’t call her adult cousin “Superboy.”

I suspected it was based on DC Comics or some such. I’m not a comics expert. Occasionally I’ll discover a series based on comics, like Heroes, that I really get into for a while. Heroes, ironically, is not in fact based on a comic strip. The plot is about comic strips coming true. BUT … I appreciate aspects of Supergirl. The message that Krypton, Kara’s home world, used up its resources until the planet died, is an honest critique I hope watchers will take to heart about what we’re doing to our own beautiful planet.

Kara’s boss, Cat, is outspoken politically and her remarks are very pertinent to today. The actress Melissa Benoist, who plays Kara/Supergirl, does—dare I say it?—a good job. Even though she has very standard blond good looks, she carries off poignant emotions. I like her ethics, against consumerist and materialist values.

Martians are depicted as a sort of lizard people which is all that could survive on Mars in reality—ones who don’t need oxygen or an atmosphere. It’s a tad problematic that the battling Green and White Martians have to transform into African American humans in order for us to have sympathy for them or stick with them through the action.

Also, the love interest, a prince from a competing planet to Krypton, arrives speaking Valley Girl (Valley Boy?). Couldn’t they have given him a slightly interesting accent? Did he have to be so all-American for the audience to accept him?

The series has gotten high ratings, especially the first season or two. It has some cross over with Arrow (okay, that’s another series I’ve enjoyed, especially the first seasons. I like rebels fighting for the right cause. Supergirl takes on big business and corruption). I get bored with the amount of fighting and sometimes keep the sound on while working on other things during those parts.

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