When you’re writing an emotional or difficult scene, how do you set the mood?

I realized today that I enter a difficult scene with excitement now, rather than getting intimidated by its logistics, because I know to find the emotional hook first. Rather than keeping it a cerebral exercise, I ask myself, “What does it feel like to the character?” Once I get in touch with the feelings and sensations in the setting, momentum carries me through the scene.

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For example, today, for my sci fi novel, I thought, feeling somewhat daunted, “how am I going to develop this complex situation that’s so tricky, so unusual, so that it captures the power of what I want to convey?” Then my gut, or soul, or some deep part of me yanked at my mind. “What propels you most? Where’s the magic? Where’s the human emotion? Live in that.” I sank into it. Yanda’s curious. She’s been hearing about the others forming this mind-web, sitting in a circle built of powerful stone seats, but hasn’t done it herself. I’m curious! I want to find out what it’s like. I’ll live it with her. I taste the edges of the next scene. Inklings run up the wires of my brain with colorful sparks as I merge with the opening field.

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