If you were to write a spin-off about a side character, which would you pick?

I gave this a bit of thought. When I consider favorite characters that I love including in a scene, one of them is Boldo. He’s a magical medieval Wanderer. He shows up in modern time, near Kay’s work, all ease and charm, bringing her enchanted yarns. He, of anyone in the story, intrinsically knows her value. And in the end, it’s she who discovers him rotting away in remote prison cell. It’s she who risks her life to bring him home. They have a mind-bond, through the boots he crafted.

But for living someone as a main character, I might prefer Boldo’s sister, Telaith. She has the magic and healing powers of Kyna but is a Wanderer. I’d like to get into that life more. I visit their encampments here and there. With her secret hand signs, apprenticeship to Aelfwyn, and Wanderer magic, she could make a great MC.

The spin-off I’ve been thinking about, though, is an urban fantasy series with some of the same characters as in BD—namely Rousseau and Galfride—based in the East Bay area of Northern California. I enjoy writing about Galfride. Is he bad? He starts off definitely nefarious, but later… is he evolving? He’s a mysterious mix, a paradox. When I shape the scenes he’s in, a fine medieval vintage of snark bubbles up. And Rousseau? Well, read Books 3 and 4 of Braided Dimensions (when 4 comes out) and tell me you’re not curious where he ends up?

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