Lost Xentu

One runs into unpredictable conundrums diving into writing, no matter what, but especially when taking on multiple projects. I agreed to be part of an author anthology. Eight novels on the topic Mermen and other Sea Shifters will come out weekly in 2023. My release date is October 30! I decided it was a good theme for me since I already built a world where there are mermen elves who are shapeshifters.

I’ve been reading a book about delving into the past of one’s main character to discover their deepest desires and needs, and how important that is to a compelling story. There were good exercises getting me to reflect on the main characters of my two series, engendering some exciting insights. About two-thirds into the book, I found myself crafting the mermen story for the anthology, but far more surprising, I was, further, planning the second book in my sci fi series, Lost Planet of the Xentu (working title of what I’ve been calling my Neyna series).

This is thrilling because I hadn’t yet conceived much at all about the second book in the series and I’m about to jump into writing it! Problem is, how to make the merman tale for the anthology a stand-alone that has elements of Book 2 in the Neyna/Xentu series (Xentu) but is not the same novel. A fun problem to wrangle with, me thinks! Funny thing is, if I hadn’t been struggling to invent the anthology novelette, I wouldn’t have marvelous elements of Xentu Book 2 I’m now relishing the idea of writing!

You just never know what will lead to what.

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