Recording Audio Books

I’m a fairly brave person. But now that I’ve committed to recording my books for radio, I find myself shying away. I perform on stage with a community chorus, even in small groups or duets. I teach and sometimes do public speaking. I think it’s because a friend recently commented that she especially dislikes audio books read read by the author. I’ve actually had that response to a couple of author-read books. Like Kingsolver (whose books I’m a big fan of, especially the earlier ones). However, I love Neil Gaiman reading his own books, and also the author of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert. I guess they’re good performers. The radio station director told me people will like it if I sound like I’m enjoying myself. My writing groups love the way I read my fantasy series aloud so … that must be a good sign.

The morning I was supposed to start recording, August 6, the day after I received the mic in the mail, I had this dream I’m calling, “Nightmare Book Reading.” Dream: “I’m supposed to do a reading of my book. I arrive. The bookstore is full, audience gathered all around, eager and welcoming. I squeeze in between women on a couch. In a quick panic, I wonder, ‘Did I bring my book?’ I find it and open it. The light seems dim. The beginning words don’t make sense. I keep scooting up, like I can’t sit properly. ‘Sorry, I need to scoot up a little more,” I apologize. It’s like the couch has me sinking down. Scoot. Scoot. I try to read. I can barely decipher any words. I ask for reading glasses. No one has any. ‘Maybe if the lights were up a bit more,’ I say. I try again.”

How funny is that! Now I’m avoiding even trying. I’ll let you know when I manage to overcome this block.  Hopefully soon.

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