Romance Your …

Not long ago, I posted about the start of the book Romance Your Brand. Really that was my favorite part, the start of the book. But the book seller first sent me the wrong book, her follow up Romance Your Goals and I decided to keep it. I’m reading it. It has some good tidbits, too. It’s not even so much the tips for writers that I appreciate. It’s more her reminders, like “make the ride more enjoyable,” that particularly uplift me. We can tend to do a lot of comparing. Why haven’t I this, or that? Should I be trying to be respected as a literary writer? But this is a genre author. I think it’s some lingering snobbery in me that won’t let me admit I like writing my genre.

She provokes good thought with quotes like, “items have snuck onto your to-do list that aren’t yours.” In that vein, she reminds us to search for the “bone-deep unwavering commitment” to a goal that is ours. That can get hard when “doubt whispers lies to you.” I’m sure you can think of some whispers that cast doubt in your life.

Don’t go it alone. Seek the partners you need, who believe in you, a supportive cohort. And if your subject matter is marginalized, if there’s isn’t a broad audience, find the people who are that audience, who are creating similar work.

A lot of times we have to get out of our own way, as you’ve probably heard. The best way to do that is to not focus too much on what others are doing. Put more focus on what you value in order to align with your true vision and inner goals. That can help tap the passion. We sometimes have to reframe things. Being mean to ourselves with toxic narratives about where we should be doesn’t allow us to acknowledge the richness of our dreams and efforts (I’m adding my own thoughts here). We don’t always hear from those who are reading our work. I don’t write to the authors I like.

I’ll read on and maybe share more from the book, if I think readers will like the points she’s making.

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