February Dreams, One Year Apart

I’ve been trying writing one line or phrase from each dream in a month, as a way of distilling a month’s dream content. I decided to put two Februaries together here, from a year apart. It has intriguing moments.

Feb 2022 Dreams

My ex- sneaks from the hospital, leaving his mess for others
In a big lagoon, two burly men swim past in furry costumes
I try to get back to a gala gathering
Friend’s Asian father says “only come for Thanksgiving”
An artifact arrives in the mail

My Little Pony parade goes past, with a sentient Anubis
Bob helps keep my truck on the road
In New Orleans, dragon-guys fight, and I chew smoky meat 
We tie our houseboats together
Up in the air, Soren and a friend research faux-birds

Feb 2023 Dreams

My lover is engaged
No way upstairs
There’s an easier way to the spiritual place, I tell Father Brown
The bedroom roof is leaking, Angel sees it with me
The gentle lion’s chest blazes from a heating pad, but she’s okay

Someone’s packed my classroom
He doesn’t want to do radio anymore
Little presents with bright pink writing – I’ve been to prison
A family’s dress-up party, dad in shining armor
They’ve moved the furniture, one piece doesn’t fit

My bath leaks through the floor
My neighbor holds a sign for her party
I can’t teach in Wales! I teach here!
I’m supposed to leave for a different job
Men paint archways like ancient buildings

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