Tiny Libraries

My friend, Bob Young, who has the public radio station, KNYO, in Ft. Bragg CA (the “Pomo Bluffs” of my Braided Dimensions fantasy novel series) has gone around photographing tiny libraries in our area. There’s a Little Free Library organization keeping track of these worldwide. I’ve been donating books from my series for him to put in them. You can see a few in the images below. To check the locations, click on or hover over the photos; you should see the location in the meta-tag. I love the owl one in Irish Beach with coastal hills in the background.

Bob wants to put one in front of his radio station. I’ll be writing next week about a Workaway near Bath, England. One of the founders, a Pakistani woman, gathers book donations and gets them to rural areas in her home country as well as to other needy parts of the world. Wonderful projects. A book can open our eyes, sometimes even change the path of our lives. Certainly they alter the landscape of our psyches, enriching, stretching. There are some trends right now to suppress ideas by constricting people’s reading range. I love to see the free sharing of these tiny libraries and think it’s healthiest to trust. Look at the cute and fun variety of these tiny homes for books. People are putting innovation and care into these, out of generosity.

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