Power Objects in Dreams

Dwelling built into the side of crater (futuristic image)

April 16 Dream: I’m on a planet. I’m in a dip in the ground, lower down than maybe a ship. I’m not me in the dream but a young woman; I seem to see and know as her. There’s an object only she can retrieve. She thinks of it as earrings at first. It’s her power, as soon as the earrings are accepted for a marriage. Then she can give them to another. It’s very important. The object seems larger later, like something she’s holding in front of her, maybe a foot or so tall, grayish or pale colored. She can fit or screw on a piece like an attachment; it says “king.” At one point, her brother and maybe father are nearby. She says to her brother, “you can use my drill stuff.” It seems like dirt-digging equipment. It has power, too, and she’s not entirely comfortable offering it. She remembers she’s set down a special biscuit, like Lembas, the wonderful travel food of the Elves in LOTR. She can’t believe she didn’t finish eating hers because its vibrancy fades fast.

Marie judson 2023

Waking from this dream, I felt a strong sense of communication direct from my deep unconscious. The week before, I’d been working on a part of my novel, A Far Cry, Book 2 of the Lost Xentu series in which there’s a crater. The planet, Alland, has been telling me about itself. The most recent feature it informed me of is a crater next to the underground hideaway Yanda and Zami are sheltering in. As often happens, in writing, I had no idea it was coming until it was there in my plot. So the dream seemed like right out of my writing, with the woman in the dream in a sunken place, like a crater hole. This might turn into a later book. I felt thrilled by its emergence, like the special power in the dream. It also just felt like an affirmation of my current writing, both of which touched me deeply.

But THEN—at dream group five days later, one of the dream group members shared a dream in which there’s a crater hole near where her dream-self and others live! It had rich meaning—feeling sense—in her dream, too. A synchronicity like this, to me, reinforces something in my life. It says pay attention. I might not always know what it’s pointing to; it might just give me a sense of affirmation, that the universe is working with me, that I’m in a flow with some part of it.

Have you dreamed of a power later, or something that emerged in a special way from your life into your dreams?

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