Dreams of No Pants

I think it’s quite interesting to contemplate the differences between no top, no bottoms, and no shoes in dreams. Of the three, shoeless is my most common motif.

Occasionally I discover I’m wearing no pants. Why? What makes me dream that? One article suggests it’s likely expressing “embarrassment, vulnerability, fear of being judged, feeling unprotected, insecurity.”

Since it’s summertime, I only have contact with one colleague I walk with regularly. He’s wonderfully nice and caring, but also opinionated. I tend to want to impress him with my intelligence, knowledge and competence; probably he’d rather I just relax and not worry about that. He wasn’t in the dream, but emotions from our walks and talks may be represented in it.

Here’s a snippet: I’m in the laundry room of a sort of co-op house my daughter and I have just moved into. We didn’t really talk to anyone about it. Just moved in. Some guys walk in the back door. I realize I’m wearing no pants. The guys ignore me. Barely greet me. I think they might feel awkward about my pantslessness. I have clean pants right there and pull some on. Then I see a large flying insect hovering over some leafy matter on a counter. The bug starts shooting a red laser beam down, burning the leafy stuff. My thought is it turns whatever’s there to liquid and sucks it up. I call to Piper to come and see, keep calling. She’s in the nearby kitchen but takes a long time to come.

[Note about the pics: I didn’t find a single fun image in my search showing a woman embarrassed with no pants. Only men.]

What was my feeling in the dream? I felt self-conscious, brushed aside, exposed, inappropriate. Why pants? Maybe my soul protests that I don’t always express my true self. By censoring, I’m bending my reality, my persona, twisting it into awkward shapes, stripping away the strength and sovereignty of wearing my pants. Who are these tall fair-haired European men (in the dream) who ignore my pantsless feminine dream-ego? What part of me are they? Embracing cultural conditioning, afraid to stand out. Ultimately, I’m embracing a notion that I’m not good enough, internalizing it. Something needs to be “bared,” a laser beam from the survival instinct (insect) liquifies living matter that can be absorbed and processed.

Its tricky. We know when we’re with someone who invites our whole selves, and that’s nice. But there’s a learning curve in a relationship that seems worth building but where we know we need to keep trusting their humanity while also crediting ourselves with value and worth.


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