Mayfair Witches

I’ve started watching the series Mayfair Witches. It’s a blend of elements taken from Anne Rice’s books, Blackwood Farm and Mayfair Chronicles. Hey, it gets them to New Orleans, with witches and ghosts and we’ll see if any vampires come along. It has the Talamasca and scary Lasher. The woman doctor combines with some of Tarquin Blackwood’s story, squished into one character.

New Orleans provides rich content for scenes: a street parade funeral; houses with just the right chiaroscuro of aging ornateness and nature’s takeover; old hotels; vintage clothing.

I’m an Anne Rice fan. At least I appreciate a selection of her Vampire Chronicles. Her more recent werewolf series is decent though I didn’t find the compelling emotion and grappling with ethics of Blood and Gold, The Vampire Lestat and a few others, including Blackwood Farm, one of my favorites. One of the appeals of Blackwood Farm is David Pittu, the narrator of the audiobook. He has a delicious Southern accent for the New Orleans setting, as well as his French accent for Lestat and English accent for the Talamasca, David.

In this type of story, being a witch is genetic. They inherit powers. Like causing people to die because they’re mad at them. There are many witch series and power coming along in the DNA is common. It goes against the modern pagan idea of what it is to be a witch, but I’m curious where this show goes. The plot line may not bear over-thinking.

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