Why I Write


My aim in fantasy writing is to know I have a readership, even if small. I love the idea of sharing the delight of magical realms with others who also crave the surprising, the ineffable that comes when we can truly live with a character in an environment that surpasses everyday reality.

The collage-painting melange, posted above, is based on a dream in which I searched for the scraps of a previous dream I was sure I’d written down. An older Englishman, my dream lover, followed me about in my search, through a Renaissance forest where outdoor dinners were set and Renaissance clothing worn, until at last he said “Why don’t we do what I want?” He pointed to a table full of artwork and creative writing. This dream occurred toward the end of my Ph.D. program; I believe my soul spoke to me of my deep need to delve into the world of fantasy writing.

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