Braided Dimensions

kynas world full

Chased from university teaching by scandalous rumors about her research with Eurasian shamans, controversial professor Dr. Kay Halefin runs to the rural northern coast of California. There she takes a mundane job in data entry at a raw food chef school. But mundane does not describe her life for long. On the way home from a pagan Meet-Up, she encounters Baird of Anglesey who draws her with him to the 10th Century. Once she’s had a taste of the bard’s medieval era, she becomes obsessed with returning to a time when healers and wanderers have magical powers, and the daughter of a healer can embroider changes in her reality, literally. Slipping in and out of the past, Kay finds herself embroiled in dark plots that threaten her and her two grown children. At first a mere pawn, shuffled at others’ whims, she gains her own strengths with the powers they wield.


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