Who calls editing exciting?


I’ve commented on writing groups but haven’t really elaborated on the joys they bring. A writing group sets a deadline, but one you know you’ve imposed so it’s not overbearing. That keeps me writing. Otherwise I might not touch it for months. It gives us an audience; what fun to write knowing three or four good friends with laugh or cry with our story within days of writing it. And lastly, when I return to the computer to edit my work, I have in my hand the comments of kind but discerning co-writers who love my story and have followed it from the start. This lends a lot of bravery to the editing process; I’m not alone with it. That makes all the difference in the world. When I was trying to write a dissertation, I would grow afraid of my own writing, terrified to go back in with only my inner judge as companion.

If you also write, I’d love to hear your experiences. Are they similar? Different?

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