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Robin reading Braided Dimensions

Robin’s an avid reader and has been since childhood. She reads both fiction and non-fiction, and prefers historical fiction. For example, she’s currently reading Four Winds, about the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression and migrants settling San Joaquin Valley.

Robin gets most books from the library. She isn’t generally a fantasy reader. She read my book, Braided Dimensions, because a friend passed it on to her. She says, “What drew me in, and held my interest, were the feelings and sensations it invoked in me. I could smell the yarn, feel the foggy air, taste the hot cider.” The travel to medieval time in the story might fulfill her love for historical fiction. Another draw was the setting in Fort Bragg, a Northern California coastal town (called Pomo Bluff in the novel) where she lived as a child, and still returns to for vacations.

Robin just turned 60. She’s married and has two grown kids and two infant granddaughters. She’s worked as administrative assistant for a community college for twenty years, the past 11 on its 365-acre learning farm. Before that, she was in the military for fifteen years.

Robin’s son with newborn daughter

After her father’s death in Fort Bragg when she was five, Robin moved with her mother and older sister to Sonoma County where she’s lived ever since. She earned her bachelor’s degree later in life, when her kids were grown, then went on to complete a Master’s degree in Depth Psychology. She is actively involved with the Center for Spiritual Living and travels on meaningful trips the Center plans each year, such as to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand (see below).

Elephant sanctuary in Thailand

Robin’s active in dream work and loves to take part in guided dream-art workshops. 

Dream Art by Robin

She recently finished writing a mystery novel, A Life Unraveled, under the name Robin Barclay. She worked on it for ten years and found that participating in a writing group helped kick it into completion.

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  1. Hi Marie, this is so fun to read! Thank you for doing a profile on me. Just for clarification, I have 2 sons and a daughter, but it doesn’t matter for this post 🙂  I got the first vaccination on Saturday and it really kicked my butt yesterday, and I’m still dragging today. I hope you do okay with your second. R

  2. Oops! Three kids! Sorry, Robin!

    It’s surprising that you reacted so much to the first vax! Most people I know just had the achey arm. I’m anticipating flu-like symptoms, headache, fatigue. Is that what you’ve had?

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