Reader Profile – Piper

Piper lives in the Northern California Bay Area. She is finishing a degree in German Cultural Studies. She’s not only a voracious reader but is also a film buff, with a large knowledge of foreign and indie film. Piper attended a French Bilingual school and then a Waldorf School in her early years. She homeschooled through high school and, while her single mom worked on a Ph.D., she read piles of books from fantasy sci fi to Dostoevsky, while also taking part in international online forums on world culture and politics. She’s passionate about learning languages and taught herself German during those years.

Reading Book 2 of the Braided Dimensions series

Piper is the only reader I know who has read all three of the novels in the Braided Dimensions series. She calls it “a magical fantasy escape with elements of romance [with a deliciously appealing bard] and mystery.” She finds the characters unique and likable and likes that the main character is a female professor of ancient languages who comes into her own power as the series progresses. 

Her taste in fiction runs along the lines of fantasy (recent likes were Strange the Dreamer and Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor) as well as memoir, mystery and horror (ala Stephen King).

Piper loves to be in nature. She’s deeply concerned about the world and animal rights. Besides fiction reading, she keeps up on books and articles on dark money, world politics, and climate change. Some favorite nonfiction authors are Naomi Klein, Jon Pilger, David McNalley and Noam Chomsky. A recent addition has been political thrillers like Megan Goldin’s Escape Room.

Piper plans to be a Jungian therapist and wants to incorporate art and movement therapy into her work. She may want to do outreach work for nonprofits treating trauma and addressing the psychological toll of socio-political and environmental injustices.

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