Trailer Transforming: Dream poem

Recently I read an example of a dream poem and was inspired to make one of my own. First, here’s the dream:

March 7 Dream: We’re living in a trailer. Then someone gives us a different one and I park it in a big lot surrounded by countryside. I like it a lot better. It’s close to the ground. When I’m carrying something, I can just step right in instead of a big gap and then climbing several steps. A strange white creature, like a large caterpillar but with long, twisting arms, is on a comfy chair. I say, “Do any of you know what this is? Maybe you can get it out.” A guy – in his 20s? midwestern-seeming, in cowboy boots – comes over and watches it for a minute, then takes out a big hunting knife and stabs it several times. I say, “No! we can just put it outside!” Now the thing has spread into a flattish octopus shape about a foot across and jumped up onto a light fixture, with squeaks or shrieks, though appearing unhurt. Someone gathers it up to take it out. My son is there now and I tell him how much I like this trailer, that I can step right into it.

Trailer Transforming

I like this trailer better
I can step right in
White creature
On the comfy chair
Stabbed, it shape-shifts
Springs to the light
Spreads flat, stretched like an octopus body

I imagine
My own spreading if I
Left the daily misshaping
Work brings
Twisted into odd patterns, soul writhing

I like this new trailer
I can step right in

Try one of your own!

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