My new town of Gualala, CA at sunset

I’ve missed creating and sending out my weekly blog posts, but good news is I’ve mostly moved! What a job. Not just lugging my own stuff but clearing what the previous owner left. Holy moly! I knew what I was getting into. But not two large dumpsters worth.

I love the mist that moves through the forest surrounding this coastal town. This morning it’s drizzly but I can still see the cove and gentle waves rolling in. On a clearer day, hummingbirds and other little beautiful aviators flit in the hedge outside my sun room which is where I’ve set up my workspace.

Ruins of the shed

For your delight, I’m including a pic of the rubble we’ve been removing. I knocked down a shed so I can hopefully see the sea from my bedroom.

Now I’ll have more yard in the back. I have landscaping plans, and the whole place needs painting. Definite fixer-upper.

Like any tourist area (main economy here), the tone of the town changes on weekends and holidays. I’m slowly getting a feel of the local scene. Visited the pizza place, UpperCrust, last evening. I know there’s a lot to discover. I’ve found where to take food donations (Baptist church), and other give-aways (community center). I want to discover what produce might be in CVS boxes or other local sources for organics.

The bookshop wants my books in their local section. I plan to take some over today.

On another note, I’ve partnered with other authors to bring you great books for free!

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