Making up for lost time

Today I walked from one end of town to the other today (not all that far!). I thought I might figure out access onto the wider beach at the south end but the pic below shows you the town is bordered by cliffs along a waterway, a branch of the Gualala River. I suspect I’ll have to cross the bridge to Gualala Point Regional Park on the south end, or go north.

After taking my books to the local bookstore, I walked on to the end and skirted hotels to get the closest access but but paths run along the cliffs; none drop to the water channel and nothing crosses it. I heard seals, seagulls, the surf and wind high in the trees lining town.

Arriving home at the end of the climb back up the hill, tasty ripe blackberries greeted me, tucked into my front hedge.

There are other explorations I want to try, like the Pygmy Forest north of town. We used to have one near Ft. Bragg (Pomo Bluff in my books). This one sounds delightful, with “stands of mature but miniature Bishop pine, Bolander pine, Mendocino cypress, and even petite redwood trees…” There’s also the Bluff Top Coastal Access Trail which “meanders along the cliff edge, affording wonderful views to the south. From it, you can sometimes see passing gray whales. I want to at least do the hike back up from town each day to get my stamina back after too much quarantining.

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