First things first

The first thing I did was make my favorite room – the sun room – functional. I put my writing desk facing the sea view (I have better shots of that view now but they’re stuck on my phone which does not get reception in this area!) and flowering hedges that are alive with small birds, including hummingbirds and other amazingly cute ones. I also cleared a large table against the facing wall to stay available for collaging and other creative projects. I haven’t had this set up for at least nine years. Never like this.

At least the kitchen doesn’t look like this anymore! (Though I admit it did look pretty much like that ’til very recently! ha. I just cleared the hallway of boxes last night so we can traverse it with ease – we being my daughter and I.)

There are two grocery stores in town, one old style, traditional, the other offering the more gourmet and organic range. One charm of the former is a little train that runs around above our heads. (See video below.)

And for today’s book special:

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2 thoughts on “First things first

  1. It is, Cristina! Thanks! If only I could remove the sound of the forklift at Jr’s Home and Auto Center across Hwy 1, and the many trucks that rumble in and out. I’m right at the entrance so everyone goes by me. The highway traffic hasn’t been that bad. I kind of get a kick out of the motorcycle gangs that growl past, up and down the California coast.

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