To the Fair and Back Again

This past Sunday, I drove three hours round trip to spend the afternoon at the fair. It was my second and last day at the Redwood Writers table with my books. It was also the last day of the fair. This scene above is what people really came for – the night and its lights. They were streaming in as I left.

Not like this photo.

On the drive there, on a section of Highway 1 that hangs over the sea, each curve a gasping vista of open water stretching as far as you can see – so vast an expanse the curve of the earth is apparent – I rounded a curve to find sheep bunched at the side of the road, having apparently escaped their pasture during the night or in the wee hours. About thirty of them clung together in a small turnout, none stepping onto the road, as if they understood the delineation. That’s when you know you’re rural.

My favorite part of the afternoon was when two friends bought my book and talked about having a book club with it. I wished I’d asked if I could take a photo of them with my book!

Mask-wearing was required in the buildings. But in the booths around us, most wore them on their chins.

Yesterday, I entered Sea Ranch – the coastal housing area just south of Gualala – for the first time. I had no idea of the awesome, haunted-looking forest that stretches through part of it (I don’t know if it’s the only one or if there are others).

I’ve been to my new classroom two times this week. It’s a fine learning center. I hadn’t even noticed the view, of the valley and ridge, until today. I’m loving Pt. Arena more all the time. There’s a cool co-op grocery, and a residential street that captivates my imagination. I especially love how the main street descends down through the town. What is it about a town with contours?

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  1. I also love the town of Pt. Arena! It’s so picturesque. So happy you are surrounded by beauty 🙂

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