New World, New Era

Here’s the photo I wanted to share before that I took of the haunted forest at Sea Ranch. Sometimes the soul likes nothing better than bleak or wild or somber scenes that reflect similar corners of the psyche.

I mentioned in my last post people in booths at the fair wearing masks only as a token effort. I have access now to all my photos (since I got a new phone that gets full reception in this rural area) – yay! Here are our armed forces protecting their chins. In that booth and two others surrounding us, masks never came up above chin level.

Last year, I spent months of trepidation, trying to imagine bringing our vulnerable students back to school. I was told by one mother that her son would not wear a mask, ever. But it turned out he was great about it at school. In fact, with some students, it became a security thing; they liked wearing them around campus (covering nose and mouth!).

Over the summer, with things opening up, I grew somewhat relaxed contemplating school in the fall, even though I continued to be cautious – not going to large gatherings, always masked at stores. I ate out once or twice in open-air venues.

Then Delta spread and worries returned. I’m at a new school this year, in an entirely new district in a different county. It’s a tiny district in a rural but very transient location, being on the beautiful coastal route traveled by thousands of tourists every year. I have very little sense of my students (special education), whether they will mask willingly, but considering last April and May, I know nothing can be assumed; even if I’m told a student won’t keep a mask on, it might be different in school, with us. I’ll write more later after students return!

Pay and Take
Gualala Farmers Market

But it’s the weekend! On Saturday mornings here, there’s a fun community event called Pay and Take. Lots of neat old things get brought in and sold at low prices. They have an extensive book store from donations; this is a writers and artists area which means a pretty erudite as well as progressive range of reading interests. Plus Sea Ranch close by must bring in constant windfalls of every type of book, including lots of “coffee table” fare. Pay ‘n’ Take contrasts utterly with the high-priced farmers market just in front of it, lining both sides of Highway 1 and grabbing the many tourists who come through on weekends. Hence, exorbitant prices. In fact, a lot of this town is shaped toward tourism, pricing locals out. It would be an ideal spot for Gualala Bucks or some such local currency.

Here’s another chance for free books! I’ve teamed up with an Urban Fantasy promo because my Braided Dimensions series is definitely set (in part) in the modern world, sometimes urban (Berkeley and San Francisco).

Genres: Mystery & Suspense / Paranormal, Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Fantasy, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Urban Fantasy.

This promotion starts on August 14, 2021 and runs through August 31, 2021.

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