Locals are heard!

On Tuesday, I posted about Arena Cove, about my effort to find it only to discover some of what it has been might be lost forever. The timing was amazing – synchronistic, even, if you’ve been following the last several posts.

Some of you might recognize the cliffs from my previous post in the top photo that shows locals coming out in support of the concerns of fisherman, environmentalists and just those who want to preserve the area as it is.

Good news! I found out in the facebook site “Point Arena Update” discussion:

“Democracy in Action: Thanks to the people who cared enough to rally … and thanks to Point Arena City Council for listening and putting a pause on this project. Next step is a meeting with concerned citizens at the Cove on August 31, 5:30 pm. It was suggested how great it would be [if those] who expressed interest would work on Restoring Point Arena Creek. I for one thought that was a great idea and would LOVE to work on that, anyone else?”

It gives me hope when a community speaks up and is listened to. I hope the final result is a good one!

Pt. Arena mural

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