Finally tackling interior comforts!

Since our move on July 20 to Gualala on the Northern California coast, we’ve been clearing and getting ourselves situated. In the past few days, my daughter and I painted the living room and got carpeting laid in there.

That faux-wood paneling is tough to cover! It sure gave the room a dark feeling, though in these photos the setting sun is brightening up the scene.

My daughter found the neat old painted bellows.

I have to say, though, there’s a very cool wood burning stove. It has different scenes on each side, in relief, of animals: deer, bears, rabbits, rams.

A lot of junk was left at this place but also a few gems.

It was a thrilling moment to be able to start putting furniture into the newly carpeted and painted living room. I’d bought two matching recliners to set on either side of the wood burner.

We made a book nook. There are a few different spots in the room with comfy chairs, side tables and lamps.

It’s been a long time since I was able to arrange living spaces. Through the year that I taught and Piper studied through distance learning, we had a tiny home, with no place to set out books and keep them there, certainly nowhere to keep a jigsaw puzzle going. We need to find the perfect table for that.

I think that’s enough on decorating bliss for the moment!

Top panel of wood burning stove

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  1. Thanks, JL! Still a long way to go but I had family visiting this weekend and it was sweet to have a living room in which people could comfortably sit on the rug, flop into a recliner, or all bunch on a wide divan to watch old home movies!

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