Not all is beauty

Amongst the fun, unique, some brightly painted buildings, there are run down ones as well in Pt. Arena. Quite a few are standing empty with for lease signs. I get the feeling there are some real problems with aspects of the economy. It’s very hard for the average family to afford a place to live and there’s very little availability of housing, though I think in an area like this, it’s often word of mouth and there are more reasonable prices that never get listed. But people buy on the coast now to have an airbnb, or as a second or third house, which narrows the options for common folk.

The old gas station – the only one in town – is nicely kept up. It looks like right out of the ’50s.

There’s also a theater that people say is great. I must explore. The blue building near it is a mystery; I haven’t walked over to see what it says behind the tree!

And just so no one forgets my cat, here’s a cool night time shot of him. I was trying to catch a star near him but am not sure it shows – below the beam.

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2 thoughts on “Not all is beauty

  1. Thank you for sharing a photo of a building that is not gorgeous and renewed. And the comment of homes being bought as vacation homes strikes home for me in Santa Rosa. I would love to buy a house with a yard but I am competing with Bay Area monied folks who are buying cash. I think I’m elbowed out of the market.

  2. It’s disturbing, Cristina. We need to build something like transition towns, where town folks make more decisions that protect culture and community, not just the highest bidder. We need an economy in which people can work an honest job and hope for a reasonable home they can build their dream life around.

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