Waylaid by a gas leak

As soon as I got home today, I started hunting for photo albums among the boxes in the garage, hoping to find the pics of the old Long Beach, and maybe, by chance, Gramma’s old sewing machine. I did find a box full of slides. My dad was an avid photographer and labeled them all. There’s also an old viewer. This pic of my mom, brother and sister at Disneyland looks like something out of National Geographics. This is actually a photo of the slide in the viewer!

Here’s me age 4. We camped every year of my childhood. It’s always amazing to find a new stash of pics in a different form so that they weren’t in the albums. I also came across a small reel-to-reel roll that I’ll send off to be digitized. Wonder what I’ll find.

This is another camping shot, my dad’s favorite time to photograph or videotape. I’m the little one under his left arm.

I’m getting this done late because, as I was going through these slides, I smelled a gas leak and spent the next hours sorting that out. I haven’t finished going through the large metal box of slides and there are more underneath.

Surprising, the clarity of these pics just photographing them on the little viewer box.

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