When is writing most exciting?

There are a few general times when I find writing most satisfying and even thrilling. One is when a sentence comes together elegantly—not necessarily from a literary point of view. A single word, or restructuring of a sentence, can achieve a plot element powerfully, or capture the build-up of a character’s emotion. Phrasing might flow into place describing a scene so that it comes alive. These happen mostly in editing, seldom in the writing of the first draft.

Another time I love is in the first draft, when I have some of the story built and set out to craft the next scene. Because I write fantasy fiction, I delve into it, living it as I imagine it; this is, for me, a rush.

Here’s something new I’ve enjoyed recently. My first three books were written in first person. The sci fi series I’m working on now is in third person. Most is from the main character’s point of view but whenever I play around with inserting a scene or chapter from another of the characters’ POVs, I learn things! It can be subtle, or earthshaking. Suddenly, I piece together an aspect I was ignoring or utterly unaware of. And it can be logistically pivotal!

This might give you a new perspective on editing, which you may consider the worst kind of drudgery. (I might, if I didn’t have writing groups!) If you’re starting out in writing, this might give you an idea for trying writing from other characters’ points of view. Maybe you’re in a funk, writing historical fiction—as an example. You might try your hand at a bit of fantasy, just to see where it takes you. Or vice versa!

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