What are the main characters doing now?

The main character of my Braided Dimensions series is Kay Hamelin, a former professor of ancient languages at UC Berkeley. We enter her story in 2009., twelve years ago. Now she’s struggling to save the earth. Her first travel of a spirit nature took her to medieval time. She discovered, along with Baird, that she had the ability to travel in her own time as well, taking herself from one place to another in an instant. This has allowed her to make a difference here and there, popping in, changing a decision on an oil pipeline or stopping the felling of an old-growth tree. For the latter, she’s recruited the sylphs, especially Bedw. With their song, sylphs can melt hearts and fill any individual with a sense of well being and generosity. Sophie helps, when she doesn’t have a paper due or other commitments to her studies. She hopes to shape eco-psychology to bring about earth-consciousness, working with kids in schools, and families, and everyone, with storytelling around a campfire, enhanced by her fiddling in the manner of the ancient British Isles.

You may wonder if Kay has ever gone back to teaching. She’s taken a pen name to write about what she learns first hand in medieval times. Often she can be found on the road, giving talks on many subjects. At these presentations, one might catch a glimpse of a bardic man, indistinct, in the shadows, leaning against a post, worn harp-bag over his shoulder, listening, captivated.

Kay has never returned to the university, at least the mainstream institution, but she and her friend Marget are working on a learning program that spans the millennia, accessible to all.

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  1. Love the expansion of imagined possibilities with the characters! You’re inspiring me in my attempts to naturally weave together the story and the meaning in my book as well.

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