Gramma’s Hi-Jinx

I got new shelving for the garage this week, which meant going through more boxes from closing out my storage last summer, a few months after my move here to the coast. My storage contained a lot of what was emptied from my parents’ home when we sold it. Today I came across my grandmother’s scrapbook from college, among other things (such as a very mysterious hand-written book I’ll share bits of soon). I sure wish I knew the story of the above pic. I’m pretty sure it’s at University of Wooster, Ohio in 1916. Halloween maybe? Then again, it could be University of Michigan, where my grandmother also attended. She was a teacher in China until my grandparents brought their two daughters—my mother and aunt, ages 3 and 7—to the U.S. for good.

Did you know they sat in rows like a choo-choo train to fix each other’s hair in the early 20th century? (Or maybe not. Maybe they’re pulling our legs.)

Or how about the pic below? My grandmother died when I was five, but I thought of her as a very prim and proper lady. It looks like they’re pretending she’s holding a disembodied head! Pretty cute. Pretty creative. Don’t you love the world before photoshop? (in ways…)

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