Mysterious Log Book

Among old family things, I came across a strange little book. I don’t know if one of my relatives imitated an old book, making the paper and using old fashioned calligraphy, or what. It says “My Secrete Log Boke” on the cover. I can’t read all the writing. There are Old English spellings. First letters on each page are illuminated.

On the inside cover seems to pretend to be Christopher Columbus. It’s a journal, with dates (August, September) as if a sailor is out to see making observations. Maybe it replicates an actual log book, though why is it secret? There are drawings throughout – quite good ones.

I sure wish I knew the story of this book!

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2 thoughts on “Mysterious Log Book

  1. Wow, Marie, that is fascinating. I couldn’t help but notice the mention of the Azores, the setting of my current fiction project!

  2. How fun, Cristina! Good eye. The writing can be tricky to decipher. I’ll take a look to see if any other pages mention the Azores. It might give you some kind of inspiration! 🙂 1493, though! I guess this is one of Christopher Columbus’s crewmen. 🙂 One follower suggested it might be a Fringe-type situation – parallel universe. Works for me!

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