Anchor Bay Revisited

When I first blogged about the very small town of Anchor Bay—which is about a third of the way from where I live to where I work—I had no idea I’d be joining a local choir, that one even existed, or that several members would live in Anchor Bay, including the choir director Sue Bohlin and her husband. After singing for months with the choir, I’ve discovered the director wrote a very clever song about the area called “In Anchor Bay.” This is a performance of the song in Munich by one of the choirs she and her husband direct.

I’ve moved quite a few times in my life. In fact, I can’t count how many. I’ve tried. It seems like this move, though, has more shape. The terrain is a 14-mile stretch of coastline. People I know and work with live mostly up the roads that intersect the small coastal highway. I guess anywhere we move, as we become familiar with it, we think back, bemused by what we didn’t at first know. Slightly less than nine months ago, I pulled up roots from nine years in a neighboring county, bought a fixer-upper, changed jobs, and set about immersing myself in the new environment.

What’s different this time is, for the first time in my nomadic adult life, I’ve kept contact with people from my previous home via Zoom. I don’t believe that would have happened without covid. My writing groups, dream groups, etc…, had already shifted to distance meetings. So most weekday evenings, I pop on to the screen with familiar faces, as if nothing’s changed.

The place we move to starts to look and feel different as we know more about the shape of the place, who lives up the roads we pass each day, and unique facets of the people and places. Like Anchor Bay and music composers. But I have this new thing in my life, too. I’m anchored by virtual connection.

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