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For a while now, I’ve thought about the irony that people use a lot of grid-energy at gyms, when it seems like they could be producing energy. Recently, I’ve thought about how people are racing out on vacations, flying, further taxing the earth’s resources, seeming to have built an overwhelming need for travel during the pandemic. Are a couple of years really that long to wait for international travel? Or is it a powerful underlying sense that this world may not be there for them to see for too much longer?

So here’s my epiphany. What if the billions of people in the world could be sent onto the sea, or to places around the world where there’s great need for change, on the land or the water: daylighting creeks, setting up irrigation and water catchment, and so on. If millions of people–including school kids–were pedaling around on the sea, picking up plastic, helping to clean it … not just traveling to Thailand to water elephants (which is, I’m sure, a lovely thing but we could do so much more!).

What if a week could be spent with plenty of fun and also helpfulness? All governments funding rolling vacations for everyone? Think of the clean-up and regeneration that could happen?

It’s probably pie-in-the-sky but … what if?

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