In December, months before the fire
Burned trees on the edge of the forest.

Reading about the Owens fire, I never got a sense of how much Schooner Gulch burned, if there was any mention at all. That’s a favorite haunt of ours: a magical forest walk down to a dramatic beach with cliffs rising and colorful rock formations showing striated layers.

My daughter’s been wanting to show me some rocks at Schooner one can only see at low tide. On her birthday, after a long dune hike out by the lighthouse, we stopped at Schooner Gulch and were dismayed by how the wild fire scorched through the area.

To understand, you have to see how it was before the fire. This photo is an example of the magical fairy forest shot back at Christmas time.

It will grow back and fires can help growth but the blackened stretches are heartbreaking to see.

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